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I opened the fridge at lunch to make a sandwich and I saw a random jar in the door, tucked behind the mustard. I pulled it out to examine it — my mind blank. And then, I realized. It was the cocktail sauce we bought at the market when you were here.

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How to refresh your brand image and revive your follower engagement on Instagram

I just conducted a very thorough clean-up of my Instagram and am sharing my process with anyone who’d like to increase their productivity and follower engagement.

If you’re going through high-highs, low-lows, confusion, starvation, self-loathing, vindication, relief, depression, and victory I have a message: love doesn’t feel like this.

1. Some people put up with a lot of BS in relationships and think they are proving their love and loyalty. But really, they are putting up with BS because they are addicted to the other person, afraid to be alone, or addicted to how they feel as the Saviour, “good one,” or hero/heroine. The shit-taker goes through high-highs, low-lows, confusion, starvation, self-loathing, vindication, relief, depression, and victory. If this is you, I have a message: love doesn’t feel like this.

Glitter was literally shooting out of my eye sockets as I quit my PR job to “be my own boss.” Then reality struck.

Drinking coffee. Or maybe a cup of my own tears.

“A lot of people like to fool you and say that you’re not smart if you never went to college, but common sense rules over everything. That’s what I learned from selling crack.” — Snoop Dogg

My name is Stephanie St.Claire, and I’m an unfunded entrepreneur. I’ve been in business for eight years, after engaging in my own personal and tenuous renaissance (uh…divorce) and rediscovering my Divine Core Purpose. In other words, I grew a pair of ladyballs, launched a business, and tried to make enough money to keep a roof over my head.

No-fail methods that keep me writing, planning creatively, and working my business.

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I’m a personal advisor (a life coach and strategist combined) with my own private practice. I am 100% responsible for all my own marketing and outreach, so I depend on being able to wake up each day and bring powerful, fresh ideas to my work. But sometimes I feel like I’m groping in a fog. This is my go-to list of ideas for when I find my creative light dim and lackluster.

He set the gold standard, and it smelled like pumpkin spice muffins


Joe Coulombe, the founder of Trader Joe’s, has died at 89. When I heard the news, I felt the kind of chest-heavy sadness usually reserved for family members.

From someone who’s been there.

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There are times when life is just socking you in the face. I’m talking about the days you’re so overcome with anxiety, grief, and stress it’s hard to even think straight.

Yes, I let myself scroll Instagram in bed.

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This post is inspired by an interview I did with Joseph Mavericks, a purpose and self-improvement writer on Medium. He is publishing a series of interviews with writers about their morning routines.

I taught myself to do this while holding down three jobs and now read 60 books a year.

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I’m asked by my subscribers all the time: How on earth do I read one book a week?

Let me save you some time and heartache by sharing 7 totally avoidable pitfalls you can sidestep by not. doing. these. things.

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Today’s advice applies to any person building a career, but this really applies to any person starting a business of their own.


I listened to people who had never built a successful business tell me what to do.


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